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Therapist Retreats

Our Therapists Retreats at Wellness Counseling Inc. are designed to provide mental health professionals with a unique opportunity for self-care, skill development, and networking. Led by experienced facilitators, these retreats focus on assessing, preventing, managing, and treating vicarious trauma. With workshops, activities, and a supportive community of peers, therapists can engage in professional and personal growth. Our carefully planned retreats offer a space for reflection, rejuvenation, and skill enhancement, allowing therapists to return to their practices with renewed energy and a deeper understanding of trauma-informed care.

Clinical Supervision

As a licensed clinical supervisor in the state of WA, Wellness Counseling Inc. offers clinical supervision for unlicensed therapists. Our supervision services provide a structured learning environment where therapists can receive guidance, support, and mentorship. We offer clinical supervision to those workings towards being independently licensed.  We offer individual, dyadic, or group supervision.  Our clinical supervisors are approved supervisors in the state of Washington in fostering the next generation of mental health professionals, providing them with the tools and insights needed to excel in their practice and make a positive impact in the lives of their clients.

Trainings/Speaking Engagements/ Professional Consultation

Are you interested in having us as a Speaker or Provide a training to your organization or company? Please contact us to learn more about what we can offer. We also offer professional consultation on various topics as well. We offer full day, half day, or Multi-day Trainings.

EMDR Consultation

Our practice offers individual and group EMDR consultation to those who have completed EMDR Basic training and seeking EMDR Certification. For those working towards getting EMDR certified -Please note that were are currently not running a group or taking new consultees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Initial Appointment/Assessment (with Licensed Therapist): $300 (55 min session). Individual Follow-Up appointment (with Licensed Therapist): $250 (55 min session). Couple/Family: $275 (55 Min Session) with Licensed Therapist. Initial Appointment/Assessment (with Associate): $170 (50 min session). Individual Follow-up Appointments (with Associate): $140 (50 min session). Couple/Family: $160 (50 min session) with Associate. Services with Counseling Intern: $60 (flat fee) for 50 min session.

Contact us via phone or email, schedule a session, and show up!

EMDR, Gottman couples Therapy, emotionally focused couples therapy, CBT, Mindfulness, and Family Therapy.


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